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We all have a hope for our own lives – Some hope to be successful, some hope for a family, others hope to be happy. Whatever our hope for our lives is, it propels us to achieve our goals. Hope gives us purpose, but when hope is lost, what can we do?

1. You are not alone: When you feel hopeless, it is so easy to feel alone. Suddenly, you feel more and more isolated as your world becomes smaller and you think that it's only you that going through whatever you're experiencing. Remember that you are not alone. You are part of something so much bigger than you. Connect with that – Connect t with those around you, they may know how to help you through this time.

2. Speak to someone: When we lose hope, we feel pain and we feel isolated. By speaking to a loved one or a colleague about how you are feeling, you are giving these emotions less power in your mind. You are giving yourself the power and love you deserve. By feeling empowered, you are giving yourself hope.

3. Think for today only: By focusing on the future or thinking about events that have not occurred yet, you are taking yourself out of the moment. This can lead you to feeling anxious and ultimately hopeless. By thinking only in terms of today, things are smaller, more bearable and simple. Live in a softer way - Think of life in smaller bite-sizes. It will help lead you to a deeper sense of hope.

4. Speak to yourself like you would speak to a friend: Our minds tend to be negative and as a result of that, we speak negatively to ourselves. Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend - Practice compassion for yourself and remember, you are not your mind or your thoughts. The more you attach your identity to your negative thoughts, the more you lose your innate power within.

5. See the bigger picture: Remind yourself that you are part of something much bigger and greater than you are even aware of. When your world is becoming smaller and smaller and you're feeling terminally unique, take a step back and remember that you have the ability to connect to someone or something whenever you choose. The more you resist this feeling of wanting to connect, the more the feelings of hopelessness and despair are present.

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